Janus Global Operations’ core values of service, agility, integrity and drive provide the foundation of our business strategy and culture. A culture that begins with our senior leadership and is strengthened at every level across our operations and regions. Our superior ethics program, which focuses on compliance, transparency, and integrity, brings value to every business relationship. We understand that our highly trained and ethical professionals and our audit compliant business systems play a direct role in eliminating factors which put your project at risk. And as your trusted advisor, Janus Global will always choose the hard right over the easy wrong.

Our ethics and compliance program is led by Janus Global’s Corporate Ethics and Compliance Officer. The entire Janus Global team upholds the Company’s ethics and compliance program which is among the most comprehensive in the industry.

To ensure that we maintain strict compliance with the extensive regulations and laws governing Janus Global’s operations in the U.S. and countries around the world, our company:

  • Enlists outside expert counsel to monitor and review the processes and procedures of the Company’s ethics program to ensure we meet the highest standards of current industry practice and client expectations.
  • Established an Ethics Committee, within the company’s independent Board of Directors, to provide oversight and direction to our company’s ethics program.
  • Conducts thorough reviews and vetting of subcontractors and suppliers to ensure compliance with all relevant government regulations.
  • Requires employees to participate in detailed and ongoing ethics and compliance training programs.
  • Administers audits and employee owner organizational climate surveys of the Company’s ethics program.

Janus is committed to promoting and supporting credible, ethical behavior of all employees in all aspects of our operations and business endeavors. The Caliburn Code of Business Ethics and Conduct summarizes the standards of ethical conduct and the compliance expected of management, employees, and other individuals who work on Janus’ behalf. Janus has developed a supporting Statement of Conformance (Policy 38) which indicates Janus’ commitment to and conformance with its responsibility to respect human rights. To that end, Janus has developed and implemented policies, procedures, and controls that incorporates and conforms to the principles and values of applicable international humanitarian law, international human rights law, and customary international law.

Anonymous reporting of code violations or other areas of concern may be directed to our independent third-party ethics hotline: Click here for ethics point.

For an outline of Janus’ grievance procedures, click here.







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