South and Central Asia

The situation in South and Central Asia remains precarious, with enormous security, political and economic challenges. As an example, both ISIS and the Taliban have taken advantage of the stability vacuum caused when U.S. and NATO troops began withdrawing from Afghanistan in late 2014. The drawdown of troops only added to the already prevalent problems associated with abandoned unexploded ordnance, which includes land mines and other explosive remnants of war, that pose a serious safety and security risk to the general populous and those who operate in the region.

Janus Global Operations offers integrated stability operations support to the world’s largest government and commercial organizations in South and Central Asia. Our projects in the region include supporting the U.S. government and commercial organizations with: management and demilitarization of ammunition and explosive remnants of war; land mine and battle area clearance operations; environmental footprint reduction; third party monitoring; security; training/capacity building; and, conventional weapons destruction.

We provide scalable and discreet expeditionary solutions maximizing the use of a thoroughly vetted and trained local workforce. Our commitment to the region, sensitivity to culture and political awareness, has been developed with over 11 years of proven performance in South and Central Asia. Janus is ideally placed for you to draw on our extensive experience, to support and advise you, and to manage the security risks that challenge your business enterprise.

A full range of bespoke solutions can be tailored to individual client requirements in order to support the conditions for regional security, stability, and prosperity.

Regional core service offerings include:

  • Risk Management Services
  • Environmental Footprint Reduction
  • Ammunition Management/ Physical Security Stockpile Management
  • Conventional Weapons Destruction
  • Humanitarian De-mining
  • Explosive Detection Dogs (K-9)
  • Expeditionary Construction
  • Life Support, Logistics/ Airlift, and Property Management
  • Clearance of IEDs and Abandoned Unexploded Ordnance
  • Training/Capacity Building for De-mining, CIED and Security
  • Security Services (Static, Personal Security Detail, Convoy)
  • Explosive Remnants of War/ Unexploded Ordnance Clearance

Janus is currently supporting clients in:

  • Afghanistan

Janus has supported clients in:

  • Pakistan








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