Janus Global Operations is enhancing client effectiveness – anytime, anywhere.

In 30 years of operations, Janus Global has grown to become the largest commercial munitions management and demining company in the world – supporting clients ranging from governments and militaries to UN and commercial organizations in 43 countries. Our professionals have successfully managed some of the world’s largest weapons stockpiles. By safely disposing of explosives and ordnance, we have helped prevent dangerous materials from falling into the hands of terrorists and rogue states and protected the lives of military personnel and civilians. Our world-class risk management solutions integrate operational and mission development, security, and state-of the art technology to ensure seamless operations and bring accountability to any mission. Our risk mitigation methods deter threats against people, assets and facilities and our rigorous safety and quality practices further reduce client risk.

Our integrated munitions and risk management solutions have secured and supported construction and development programs as well as humanitarian projects. Our experts are experienced, task-tested professionals from the military, law enforcement, special operations and diplomatic sectors. They bring decades of military, government and private sector experience to your missions.

Janus Global has the safety and security measures needed to achieve your goals in remote and austere environments all over the world, including:








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