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Risk Management is the quintessential element for ensuring you achieve your strategic objectives, particularly when operations occur in hostile or otherwise challenging environments. A leading provider of security solutions worldwide, Janus Global’s risk management and security program is ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012 certified and provides high quality, total security services to government and commercial clients, regardless of venue or level of exposure.

Our worldwide risk management, personal security, and infrastructure security experience is comprised of securing military installations, U.S. and foreign embassies, U.S. border assets, oil & gas installations, port facilities and protecting individuals throughout the world. Janus Global is a proven security provider with an exceptional performance record of successfully protecting people, assets, resources and commodities against any and all types of threats. Our tailored security and risk management solutions integrate operational and mission development, security solutions, and state-of the art technology to ensure seamless operations and bring accountability to any mission.

Here's how we do it...
Vulnerability/Infrastructure Security Assessments

Janus Global provides assessments designed to expose security deficiencies within organizations in the government and commercial sectors. Janus Global employs a tried and true process in an Intelligence Preparation of the Business Space (IPBS) which combines probability of occurrence and consequential severity of a variety of potential threat scenarios into an overall risk profile for any given situation. Properly utilizing these procedures permits you to shift into previously unexplored territory giving you leverage when merging into upcoming markets.

Service offerings include:

  • Identifying, documenting, and resolving sources of risk, hazards, and threats
  • Infrastructure security system testing to locate and correct any vulnerabilities within the current system or profile
  • A finalized IPBS report created, submitted and addressed to ensure client understanding


Mobile Security & Personal Security Details
The secure movement of high-ranking or high-priority persons and cargo can be a challenge in hostile regions, subsequently hindering clients’ focus on business objectives and mission accomplishment. Janus Global provides U.S. and foreign border protection, personnel security, close protection details and convoy escort teams in the most hostile of environments. Security configurations are tailored based on your area of operation and specific needs. Janus Global integrates dedicated medical personnel and armored vehicles to guarantee safe client transport under even the most hazardous conditions.


Service offerings include:

  • Border protection
  • Low/no profile security operations
  • Special services support and training
  • High profile/high visibility personal security details
  • High risk personnel, asset, commodity transport
  • Full spectrum security training programs


Static Security
Janus Global’s static security capabilities include armed guard perimeter security, roving patrols, entry control point security, over-watch, and manning security operation centers. Janus Global’s highly-experienced static security component provides a continuous, high level of capability to detect, assess, prevent, and neutralize any insurgent or terrorist act, while providing command and control to security forces.


Service offerings include:

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • Armed/unarmed security (commercial and government)
  • Facility force protection
  • Static security training programs


Canine (K-9)

Depending on the security needs of your site, Janus Global’s K-9 team can be a force multiplier providing an increased level of deterrence by their presence alone. Janus Global’s K-9 handlers are seasoned professionals with decades of experience as handlers for military and law enforcement organizations. This enables us to provide security K-9 services for vehicle and pedestrian entry control points, intruder detection, executive protection missions, and advanced tactical operations. Our canine detection assets specialize in detection of improvised explosive devices (IEDs), landmines, and narcotics.



Maritime Security
With increased threats of piracy on the seas and terrorist attacks on sea ports, high-level security is a necessity in the maritime environment. Janus Global’s maritime security capabilities range from one-dimensional solutions such as personnel transport to multi-dimensional solutions involving various maritime assets such as securing offshore oil platforms, foreign and domestic harbors, restricted waterways, or high threat/highly traveled channels utilizing advanced maritime security vessels and detection/monitoring equipment. Our maritime professionals follow internationally-recognized regulations to ensure full compliance around the globe.


Service offerings include:

  • Shipboard threat and vulnerability assessments
  • Shipboard force protection
  • Mobile maritime security team
  • Air and maritime monitoring team
  • Small boat operations, tactics and training
  • Basic seamanship (captaining, maintenance, boat formations, etc.)
  • Shipping vessel security (mobile, static)
  • Personnel transport
  • Visit, board, search, seizure (VBSS)
  • Waterborne weapons tactics and employment


Integrated Technology & Electronic Surveillance Security
Janus Global offers integrated, intelligent solutions customized to your specific need and industry sector. From design and installation to daily system management and response teams, Janus Global’s innovative electronic security solutions offer “layers of security” for unrivaled protection. Our team of specialists will engage with you throughout the process to provide CCTV, biometric, access control, alarm management, surveillance, and communication solutions in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Our solutions focus on predictive analytics which provide for management by exception. This approach reduces the reliance on skilled manpower to monitor a systems or processes and replaces it with technology – resulting in a more operationally effective solution.


Service offerings include:

  • Open intelligence monitoring and reporting
  • CCTV cameras, radar, microwave and passive infrared perimeter solutions
  • Biometric solutions (fingerprint, hand, facial, vein, retina, and voice recognition)
  • Alarm security solutions (passive infrared with video sensor, online and mobile app, motion, panic buttons, fixed and remote, etc.)
  • Asset accountability (holistic vehicle/personnel tracking and monitoring)
  • Encrypted communication services


Medical Services
Janus Global’s ability to ensure the health and safety of your workforce is our main concern. This can only be accomplished by utilizing a tried-and-true medical support staff comprised of individuals with vast prior high-risk environment experience. A simple accident that might not be an issue in a first-world location can become a catastrophic event while operating within the confines of a third-world environment. These areas are typically susceptible to a complete lack of medical infrastructure transforming normal daily activities into high risk and extremely dangerous scenarios. Janus Global’s ability to fill that inefficiency with highly trained personnel is what sets us apart from the competition.


Service offerings include:

  • In-country certified staff (including Operational Medical Specialists)
  • Pre-deployment medical security and health assessments
  • Emergency evacuation and medical care
  • Hostile location medical support
  • Medical program development and consultations
  • Medical logistics and support
  • Medical training programs


Rapid Disaster & Infrastructure Response
When disaster strikes and citizens are in need, Janus Global is the leader in providing a vast array of immediate and long-term emergency services. Not only do we offer basic emergency assistance services, but we also develop customized security profiles, evacuation plans, search and rescue, commodity and asset recovery, and maritime services. Whatever need may arise, local incident or major natural disaster, Janus Global has the assets to meet your goals.


Service offerings include:

  • Armed and unarmed guard security
  • Residential and commercial security profiles
  • Mobile personal security details
  • Maritime reaction force
  • Land and maritime search and rescue
  • Evacuation teams
  • Emergency food and hydration services
  • Temporary shelter
  • Cleanup and restoration
  • Emergency logistic and social services
  • Emergency medical support


Janus Global provides comprehensive security-related training covering a wide range of service areas and preparing any type of security professional to address risks and threats facing each of us every day. Janus Global develops business-area and geographic-area specific training utilizing the latest information, technology, and field practices for optimum practicality.


Our certified instructors have the real-world expertise needed to provide the most relevant techniques and procedures required for top professionals in any industry. Janus’s global reach allows for flexibility in deploying mobile training teams designed to meet client-specific needs anywhere in the world.








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