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Even where decades have passed since the end of military activities, a legacy of unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions, munitions constituents, landmines, and abandoned ammunition often remains. These munitions and constituents pose a potential safety and security risk to your personnel, which can significantly delay achievement of strategic business objectives.

Janus Global assists your team with innovative, enduring solutions to address the issues of unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions, and munitions constituents supporting military munitions response, operational range sustainment, and construction support activities. We are the largest commercial munitions management and demining company in the world—supporting clients ranging from governments and militaries to humanitarian and commercial organizations. Our Munitions & Environment program focuses on remediating land made dangerous by military training and operations into safe, useable land for economic redevelopment when returned to local communities. No matter the project size, contamination level or complexity, Janus Global has experienced personnel with the ability to complete the project successfully and safely.

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Humanitarian Mine Action & Battle Area Clearance

Globally, there are millions of explosive remnants of war and landmines still in the ground today across more than 80 countries. Economic development and post-conflict recovery are all adversely affected, or prevented by the presence of landmines and explosive remnants of war. Janus Global’s humanitarian demining and battle area clearance programs aim to support socio-economic development globally by releasing land to the civilian population so that it can be returned to productive use without risk of personal injury. Communities affected by landmines and explosive remnants of war are directly engaged in the process of clearing and returning their land to a useful state. Community-based clearance teams are recruited from the local area and trained to complete clearance operations. These teams are supplemented by mine detection dog teams and mechanical demining units where appropriate. All aspects of the clearance operations are managed by Janus Global in compliance with International Mine Action Standards.


Janus Global has developed a range of land mine and explosive remnant of war solutions to ensure the safety of personnel and the strategic objectives of aid agencies, developmental organizations and commercial companies are not at risk due to land mines and explosive remnants of war.

Service offerings include:

  • Explosive remnants of war risk assessments
  • Explosive remnants of war risk education
  • Survey and assessment of contamination levels
  • Project design and implementation
  • Training and capacity building of host-nation personnel
  • Route and area clearance
  • Deployment of armored equipment
  • Safeguarding and escort of personnel
  • Quality management
Military Munitions Response & Environmental Remediation

The challenge to accurately detect, locate and clear unexploded ordnance and resultant environmental contaminants is essential in transforming former munitions and remediation sites in the U.S. and abroad back to safe, usable land. Janus Global addresses the ordnance and environmental challenges associated with military munitions response sites, formerly used defense sites, base realignment and closure sites and other former munitions and remediation sites around the world. To date, we have cleared thousands of acres of land in the U.S. of unexploded ordnance making it safe, useable land for economic redevelopment of the local communities. Janus Global’s environmental response capabilities include investigations, removal and remediation addressing the safety, human health or environmental risks presented by unexploded ordnance, discarded military munitions and munitions constituents.


Service offerings include:

  • Munitions response and hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste
  • CERCLA/RCRA support and remediation
  • Munitions and explosives of concern hazard assessment and munitions constituents risk assessment
  • Unexploded ordnance avoidance and clearance
  • Environmental sampling
  • Geographic information system/geophysics/digital geophysical mapping and advanced classification
  • Chemical warfare materiel remediation
  • Munitions response policy and guidance development
  • Historical records reviews and archival research
  • Stakeholder outreach and community relations
Ammunition Management & Explosives Safety

Ammunition management and explosives safety is essential in reducing the threat of aging stockpiles of conventional weapons and munitions around the world. Poorly secured weapons and munitions stockpiles are often attractive targets for terrorist, criminal and insurgent groups and, through the risk of unplanned detonation, pose extreme safety risks to local populations in the direct vicinity of storage locations. Janus Global is a worldwide provider of ammunition and missile management services, including munitions planning and analysis, handling and storage, demilitarization, munitions surveillance, infrastructure repair and renovation, as well as training development and instruction. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, Janus Global can implement industry best practices designed specifically for your training and operational ammunition supply requirements while ensuring safety, security and mission accomplishment.


Service offerings include:

  • Site surveys and analysis of current and projected stockpile requirements to determine explosive site license requirements and safe storage techniques
  • Accountability, receipt, inspection, segregation, storage, control, maintenance, issue, transportation and destruction of munitions and explosives items
  • Munitions storage and range facility renovation, new construction, operations and maintenance
  • Ammunition supply point and range management and physical security
  • Quality control
  • Disposal using open burn/open detonation or multiple alternative methods such as reverse assembly, explosive waste incinerator, blast chamber, or wash-out
  • Establishing database systems to account for munitions stockpiles, maintain desired munitions stockpile levels with replenishment indicators, identify munitions maintenance schedules, and identify aging stock requiring immediate use or disposal
  • Personnel training at all levels to facilitate command, control, and proper operation and maintenance of storage facilities
Conventional Weapons Destruction & Demilitarization

The proliferation of conventional weapons in regions of the world suffering from instability and violent conflict has proven a major obstacle to peace, economic development, and efforts to rebuild. Janus Global’s Conventional Weapons Destruction & Demilitarization program aims to support the advancement of peace and security throughout any country by providing a solution for commercial or humanitarian response to the overabundance of excess, unserviceable, discarded, or otherwise uncontrolled military munitions. Our expert staff has substantial exposure to projects requiring the use of incineration, washout with constituents recycling, blast chamber technologies, or open burn/open detonation for the demilitarization of any type of conventional ammunition. On a recent contract, Janus Global cleared over 200 sites, 500 buildings, three million square meters and 35,000 explosive hazards in some of the most challenging environments, including in the city of Ramadi and Anbar province in Iraq.


Service offerings include:

  • Establishing a secure storage area to segregate and store weapons stockpiles requiring destruction
  • Evacuating munitions from multiple locations outside of the secure storage area to prevent insurgent capture
  • Siting open burn/open detonation disposal areas to protect personnel from the effects of intentional detonations
  • Deploying seasoned disposal veterans to utilize Sterling Global developed innovative disposal practices to destroy large quantities of munitions, regardless of size, in a short period of time safely
  • Deploying alternative disposal technologies including reverse assembly, explosive waste incinerator/rotary kilns, blast chambers, and/or wash-out anywhere in the world
Range Sustainment

Janus Global’s RangeXchange® program encompasses patented products and processes of three interrelated services that optimize any range manager’s resources. Our GreenRange®, GreenScrap®, and GreenTargets® services provide measurable operational, financial, and environmental advantages while offering a complete, long-term range sustainment solution to strengthen live-fire training and range operations.


  • GreenRange®: Superior range maintenance, ordnance and explosives clearance services
    Janus Global performs exceptional site clearance for all ordnance types, keeping ranges green to promote total operational readiness. Our GreenRange® solution removes environmental range contaminants and target-related debris – associated with traditional military surplus vehicle targets – providing the foundation for long-term range sustainability and utility. GreenRange® services are designed to maximize your return on investment by helping range managers reutilize existing ranges and providing clearance for future range modernization.
  • GreenScrap®: Trusted range-related debris inspection, certification, demilitarization and disposal/recycle.
    This program includes our proprietary five-step debris inspection, certification, and disposal/recycle process to allow resale at commercial prices, reducing overall project cost. Our GreenScrap® recycling process recovers disassembled and demilitarized range and target debris, redeeming it at market value to deliver a financial return and notably reduce your project cost.
  • GreenTargets®: Patented environmentally responsible alternative to surplus vehicle use.
    This is a truly cost-effective, 100 percent recyclable alternative to the traditional use of surplus military vehicles as targets. Each 3-D profile is ideal for live-fire training, quickly ready for use and easily installed by existing air or ground assets. GreenTargets® are designed to simulate typical military threat vehicles while providing cost-effective, long-term training range support.

Click here for a partial listing of this patented technology.

Counter-IED/EOD Response

The use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) threatens stability around the world by killing, injuring, and intimidating people as well as disrupting transportation and the flow of commerce. IEDs remain one of the most accessible weapons available to terrorists and criminals for damaging critical infrastructure and inflicting casualties. Janus Global personnel have been at the forefront in developing IED awareness programs, counter IED (CIED) and IED defeat (IEDD) techniques and procedures for use against “abandoned,” but still active devices.  The majority of our expatriate experts are former military personnel specializing in EOD/CIED/IEDD processes with up-to-date experience in their respective national military programs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Janus Global’s Counter-IED/EOD Response program applies international lessons-learned to provide a full-range of IED/EOD awareness and response actions including:


  • IED threat and vulnerability assessment
  • IED search/tactical site exploration
  • IED, CIED & EOD training

When re-establishing national infrastructure and commercial development in areas of post-conflict contamination, an integral part of recovery is the development of sustainable local competency in explosives safety, munitions management and explosive remnants of war remediation capabilities. Janus Global’s training programs comply with relevant international standards such as International Mine Action Standards and International Ammunition Technical Guidelines. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to be scenario-based, practical training courses provided through instructor-led classroom and field courses using a combination of in-person training, interactive tools and on-line seminars. Janus Global’s highly-qualified instructors – most of whom are former military personnel – combine cutting edge technology and proven methods to train individuals in a variety of capabilities including:


  • Basic Deminer Course
  • IMAS EOD Level 1-3
  • Minefield Management
  • Physical Security and Stockpile Management
  • Demilitarization
  • IED Disposal
  • Mine Risk Education (delivery)
  • Basic First Aid to Advanced Trauma Life Support
  • Leadership and Management
  • Defensive and Off-Road Driving
  • Computer Literacy
Geophysics Equipment Rental

For Rent:

Geonics EM61 MK2 Metal Detectors



The EM61 MK2 is a high resolution, time domain metal detector suitable for the detection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metal. Typical target response is a single, sharply defined peak, facilitating quick and accurate determination of location. The depth of detection is a function of target geometry, relative position, and orientation of target to the coil. Typically a 55-gallon drum can be detected at depths greater than 10 feet.

Data is collected on 3 or 4 time gates providing response decay rates allowing for target characterization. Data can be collected in real-time or processed using Geonics DAT61 MK2 software. The system is capable of supporting GPS (DGPS or RTK GPS) or can be collected in fiducial mode. Data is stored on a data logger providing the capability to process data at a later time.



Top and bottom 1.0 m by 0.5 m coils, wheels with fiducial counter, GPS tripod mount, backpack with electronics box, handlebar, Allegro data logger/charger, (3) – 12.0V batteries, 2 battery chargers, and 2 complete sets of cabling.

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