A local partner with a global footprint

Janus Global supports economic development and energy exploration in remote areas of the world by providing integrated logistics and lifecycle management solutions to commercial oil & gas companies as well as military forward operating bases. From initial planning and design to resource procurement and implementation, Janus Global manages the entire project to ensure we perform to your project specifications and expectations. Our operations are built on established and productive working relationships with contractors and suppliers, which enable us to provide value-oriented resources and services to complete your project effectively.

Here's how we do it...
To operate effectively in a contingency environment, you need an established partner that understands and manages risk. Remote locations present major execution, logistics and environmental challenges to any project. Janus Global has the global reach, facilities, and systems to mobilize project materials and equipment to support remote project locations anywhere in the world. Janus Global and its strategic partners offer leading aviation transport and logistics services for commercial and oil & gas industries. We offer a variety of ground and airlift support including rotary and fixed wing passenger transport, emergency response and cargo services—on time and under any conditions.
Field Services Operations & Maintenance
Your mission success depends on the productivity, morale and safety of your personnel. Poor dietary and living conditions can result in significant loss of productivity and amplify issues such as low morale, high stress levels or lack of trust. Understanding the potential impact to the bottom line, we ensure that camp operations run smoothly, so you can remain focused on your mission. Janus Global’s integrated field services solutions are designed to optimize operational readiness by promoting productive working conditions and overall quality of life for your personnel in a cost effective manner. Our team performs all resource planning, acquisition and coordination associated with professional camp management and operations at service levels that exceed our client’s expectations.

Service offerings include:

  • Camp management
  • Catering services
  • Infrastructure management
  • Equipment, vehicle and facility maintenance
  • Waste management
  • Utilities operation
  • Asset management
Tactical IT/Communications
Secure data exchange and communications in post-conflict or austere regions are critical to operations, but security concerns make accessibility complex to implement and maintain. Janus Global’s IT/communications solutions for mobile and fixed voice/data communication systems, network infrastructure, and monitoring and maintenance support services provide turnkey connectivity anywhere in the world. Furthermore, Janus Global can provide integrated technology solutions that enhance your security including integrated alarms, asset accountability, guard monitoring, surveillance/closed circuit television (CCTV) and biometric/access control.
Expeditionary Construction
Remote locations present major execution, logistic and environmental challenges to any construction project. Janus Global mitigates risk through every detail of implementation by providing complex, well planned construction solutions for housing, facilities and infrastructure projects as well as communications and operational support for commercial oil & gas, mining companies and government agencies.

Service offerings include:

  • Camp design and construction
  • Utilities construction (electrical reticulation, HVAC, sewerage and water treatment)
  • IT/communications systems installation
  • Job order contracting
  • Project oversight
Rapid Disaster & Infrastructure Response
When disaster strikes the need for an immediate coordinated response is never more critical. The Janus Global team offers complex, integrated, time-sensitive solutions for a diverse client base. We understand the need for flexibility when responding to natural or man-made disasters at home and abroad. Janus Global’s rapid disaster and infrastructure response services and support functions provide integrated planning and construction for temporary housing, infrastructure, communications, security, logistics and operational support to U.S. and Foreign Governments as well as the commercial oil & gas and extractives industries.

Service offerings include:

  • Rapid response delivery
  • Assessment and planning
  • Full life-cycle management of facilities and life support
  • Construction services
  • Risk management
  • Logistics and procurement
  • Project/program management and oversight
  • Security
  • Munitions response and environmental consulting and services
  • IT/communications







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